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Aesthetic Dentistry / Teeth Whitening - Tokyo dentists in English

What is aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry heals teeth from cavities or periodontitis in a way that is mindful of their appearance, as well as a range of treatments to improve the look of a patient's smile. Materials such as ceramics give our dentists the tools to make teeth look beautiful while preserving their strength and natural feel in the mouth.

Our dentists offer whitening treatments, in which we polish the teeth back to a whiter shade and advice our patients on how to prolong the effects.

Many patients are wary of gold or silver inlays because of their color. Nonetheless, new materials and techniques let our dentists adjust the coloring while providing excellent strength at the same time.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers - Tokyo dentists in EnglishVeneers are a thin layer of porcelain placed on a patient’s teeth. Our dentists recommend them when whitening treatments have been unsuccessful. With veneers results are guaranteed, and we can correct alignment issues from an aesthetic point of view.

Because we use porcelain veneers, there is no need to worry about metal allergies, and the short time it takes to install them makes them a popular choice among celebrities.

Ceramic Inlays and Crowns

Ceramic Inlays and Crowns - Tokyo dentists in EnglishWhen a cavity occurs, our dentists need to remove the damaged sections of the tooth, which leaves a hole behind. Traditionally, this hole is filled with a mixture of silver and palladium. Because most basic insurances cover this kind of work, they are very common.

Nonetheless, patients are paying more attention to the aesthetics of fillings, and to the possible allergies that may arise from the use of metals. To address these worries, our dentists use ceramic inlays, which have none of these issues.

In the case that a cavity leaves a hole too big to be treated comfortably with a ceramic inlay, we recommend a ceramic crown.

Treatments Price comments
Porcelain veneers 80,000 yen Per tooth
Ceramic crowns 100,000 yen
Ceramics / Semi-precious metal alloy veneer
(under 50 percent)
120,000 yen
Precious metal ceramic veneer
(18 carats and above)
150,000 yen
(high density oxidized alumina)
From 150,000 yen
Porcelain crowns From 100,000 yen A porcelain crown is made with a high quality porcelain and metals. Depending on the choice of metal, the price may vary.

About teeth whitening

Whitening - Tokyo dentists in EnglishWhitening treatments are fairly straightforward. Our dentists remove stains and other color imperfections from the teeth and restore them to a whiter shade. Because the procedure is quite simple, we can often go ahead the same day.

Before starting the treatment, our dentists do a general check-up to see whether there are artificial or teeth without nerves. If that is the case, we only treat teeth that can handle the procedure. Furthermore, if there are crowns, we can treat them as well to make sure the color is uniform all across the denture. 。

The procedure can be done in one of two ways:

  1. at home
  2. in our Tokyo office

Whitening2 - Tokyo dentists in EnglishIf done at home, patients can do it at a time of their convenience, but it must be done for 3-4 weeks. Many TV personalities, models, announcers, flight attendants and other people whose job places great emphasis on their appearance but have time constraints choose this option.

The other alternative is to come to our Tokyo office where one of our dentists applies the treatment. However, in order to be effective, we recommend at least three sessions to see results. At our office we can also customize the treatment to meet a patient's immediate requirements. For example, before special occasions, like a wedding, we can apply a higher concentration of the whitening agents to the front teeth only, which are the most visible.

We also offer an option that combines a laser clean-up in our office, which is followed by a home whitening treatment. Our dentists are very flexible and can customize the whitening treatment to your needs.

Treatments Price Comments
Office whitening 10,500 yen per session At our office we use a laser to clean and whiten the teeth. Three sessions are necessary to achieve meaningful results.
Home whitening set 31,500 yen Includes a personal mouthpiece and gel.
Perfect whitening set (home + office) 55,000 yen Our perfect combination package includes three session in our office plus a home whitening set. The mix of both techniques achieves the best results and is economical at the same time.
Please ask us about our special packages for brides and smokers.
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