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Oral Surgery - Tokyo dentists in English

Our dentists have all the tools at hand in our Tokyo clinic to perform oral Surgery. We can treat everyday dental accidents, remove wisdom teeth, treat acute inflammations, etc.

Periodontal Treatment - Tokyo dentists in English

Treating periodontal disease

During the first appointment, our dentists search for the root causes of the disease and measure the extent to which there is plaque buildup, deep pockets around the teeth, problems with the bite, loss of bone, and/or inflammation of the gums. Once this is established, our dentist proposes a treatment plan and goes ahead only after the patient agrees to it.

1 Emergency measures
In the case the gums are swollen and infected, we begin with a thorough cleaning and draining, to be followed by medication.
2 Plaque control
Controlling the buildup of plaque is essential to treating periodontitis, and our dentists consult with patients on their habits to devise a plan to prevent new buildup.
3 Scaling
Our dentists work on the surrounding areas of the tooth to remove tartar and dental calculus that may have accumulated.
4 Reassessment
Our dentists conduct a general examination to establish whether the treatments outlined above were successful in controlling the periodontitis. If so, the treatment will move to a preventive mode. If however the treatments have thus far been unable to control the disease and plaque and calculus are still present, steps two and three might have to be repeated. If there is swelling because of calculus underneath the gums, the dentist might recommend to go for SRP.
5 Scaling and Root Planning (SRP)
With the use of local anesthesia, our dentists will remove dental calculus from underneath the gums and smoothen the surface of the roots.
6 Reassessment
If the disease cannot be brought under control after SRP, our dentists recommend to move to surgery.
7 Surgery
After applying anesthetics, our dentists open the gums to expose the roots, confirm the origins of the periodontitis, remove all dental calculus and smoothen the surface of the roots. With the correct technique, surgery corrects the disease except in cases where the periodontitis is so far advanced that treatment is no longer possible.
8 Prevention
Once health has been restored, it is important to preserve it. Correct brushing, a healthy lifestyle and periodic dental checks at our Tokyo office are important to make sure that the disease does not return.
Treatments Price Comments
Bone graft (one block) From 50,000 yen Price calculated for one block
Tissue graft (one block) From 50,000 yen Price calculated for one block
Bite control mouthpiece 10,500 yen  
Dental calculus removal - Covered by Japanese Health Insurance
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