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General Dentistry - Tokyo dentists in English

Dentists no longer shave off the tooth to heal it!

When treating cavities, we take utmost care to shave as little of the tooth off as possible so we don't expose the nerves. If that were to happen, we have treatments available to deal with it.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment with the microscope
In the case of advanced cavities, it is necessary to treat the nerve endings as well. To that end, our dentists work with a microscope and a very fine tool that allows them to treat the tooth with incredible precision.

About the microscope
microscope - Tokyo dentists in EnglishDental microscopes have become indispensable at dental offices. They allow dentists to examine and treat patients with a level of precision unheard of before. Our dentists had to undergo extensive training to learn how to operate the microscope. Because we are able to inspect in such detail, our diagnoses are based on actual observations. Furthermore, we are able to treat certain ailments because of the microscope that we couldn't access before. Our patients are also pleased to find that the treatment is less intrusive, faster, more comfortable and that the recovery time is shorter thanks to the precision of this magnificent tool.

Treatments Price Comments
Root canal treatment with the microscope   Microscope root canal treatment depends on the number of root canal.The cost of the treatment depends on the number of root canals.
Front tooth 10,000 yen  
Premolar 20,000 yen  
Molar 35,000 yen  
The core   After the treatment, a custom-made core is absolutely necessary to protect the roots.

Gold core

31,500 yen

An excellent material that is compatible with the tooth.

Fiber core

42,000 yen

No metals used and a natural-looking shade of white.

Preventive Dentistry - Tokyo dentists in English

Preserve your oral health forever!

You might feel satisfied with our oral health, and that is great! However, it is important to take a few preventive measures to make sure that you keep a healthy mouth for life. Periodic check-ups with our dentists together with advice on how to care correctly for your teeth will do wonders. Let's work together on this!

Professional Cleaning

The steps to Professional Cleaning
PMTC1 - Tokyo dentists in English
Our dentists first inspect the mouth to establish its current status. Everything is then communicated to the patient, together with a suggestion for treatment. We then use a special tool to remove plaque and dental calculus.
PMTC2 - Tokyo dentists in English
The treatment continues with a sodium bicarbonate solution that helps clean away tea, nicotine or other stains on the teeth.
PMCT3 - Tokyo dentists in English
Finally, an individualized fluoride gel is applied to strengthen the teeth. Our dentists also give advice on proper brushing technique and tips to maintain oral health.
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